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Case Study

Summer 2019

A successful, one office Law firm finally finds a Residential Solicitor who will ultimately become Head of Department.

A small, profitable and well run law firm with two equity partners, employing over ten solicitors were looking for help. They had for nearly two years been quietly putting feelers out looking for a residential solicitor, someone who could ultimately become head of department and drive their business forward. This role became more pressing so upon recommendation they approached The Drury Partnership for advice and guidance.


The Challenge

We met with the current equity partners and were given our challenge.

Identify an individual with the drive and ambition to take the department forward, accelerate growth while continuing to maintain the firm’s high standards of customer satisfaction and prompt delivery. An individual who would inevitably become integral to the running of the business and have the option to become an Equity Partner.


The Process

A detailed search proposal was drawn up the following day, setting out the key details to ensure the Drury Partnership fully understood the client’s needs and helped ensure both parties were “singing from the same song sheet”.  Following a few amendment by the client both parties signed the search proposal and the part retained search began.


The in-depth research element took 2 ½ weeks to compile and involved detailed searches into each suitable individual. This list was sent to the client, they removed 11 individuals known to them.  The approach stage took a further 2 weeks at which point a short list containing details of 5 interested and on spec individuals was submitted to the firm.


All individuals identified on the short list were classed as “off market candidates”, in that they were not actively looking for jobs.  The Drury Partnership had found them, approached them directly and uncovered that they were interested in the opportunity.    All 5 were interviewed over the space of 2 days and 3 were invited back to meet other members of the team. 


After the second round of interviews the Drury Partnership encouraged the client to ask the interviewers to grade them in various different ways including:


1.            Do you find this individual likeable and credible?

2.            Could you work with this individual?

3.            Were there any concerns about this individual?


After completing this exercise, it was clear who was the most suitable candidate.

The Result

An offer was made and the individual was delighted to accept.  The Drury Partnership had identified an individual who had previously been a salaried partner and having moved to a new area with her husband had simply taken the first job offered to her. 


“We were very pleased to find for our client an individual who was perfect for the role”

Peter Drury Bird, Managing Director

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